Eide Bailly 2021 Webinar Series

Evaluating Employee Ownership as an Exit Strategy or Growth Strategy
If you’re a business owner evaluating your options for growth, business succession or exit, employee ownership and ESOP can have notable benefits for you, your employees and your community. Read More
How COVID-19 is Impacting the Potential Sale of Your Business
Mergers and acquisitions have always been part of the history of corporate America. Now, more than ever, the market stands poised to help organizations navigate through economic uncertainty. Read More
The Biggest Pitfall of Price Shopping (and How to Avoid It)
When it comes to a new software implementation, many organizational face sticker shock after they receive a price quote. But don’t make this common mistake, or you’ll end up paying even more. Read More

The Employee Handbook: What it Is, Why You Need One and How to Write One
An employee handbook can be the first line of defense in protecting your organization from litigation. Read on to learn what you should include and how to make writing one easier. Read More