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Sept. 8 Data Analytics in Internal Audit:
The information that can be found from analyzed data trends can help you determine where you might be vulnerable or where risks may be hidden. Utilizing data analytics in conjunction with Internal Audit gives your organization point in time response to help mitigate your exposure to risk and improve operational efficiency.

Sept. 10 Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP): Is it a Good Fit for Your Organization?
You may have heard of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), but do you know if an ESOP is right for your organization? In this webinar, we will explore what an ESOP is, how it works, the key benefits and potential challenges as well as why you might consider an ESOP for your organization.

Sept. 14 License and Royalty Compliance:
It’s been found that 75%-85% of licensees have errors in their royalty reporting, and 89% of license agreements are underpaid. It is important that your revenue calculations are regularly examined to ensure consistency with your agreements and to check for completeness and accuracy. Join us for a webinar to discuss the benefits and process of a license, royalty or franchise audit.

Sept. 24 Quarterly Legislative Update:
Join us for our quarterly tax legislative update covering recent developments in proposed and enacted tax legislation. Staying up to date on areas affecting your situation is important and can allow you to better plan for changes that may be coming. Our National Tax Office Team will update you on the latest from Capitol Hill with a focus on how changes may affect you and your company.

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