The West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce Publishes New 515 WEST Magazine for City and Region

Leverages as a vital talent attraction tool with national advertising campaign
WEST DES MONES, IA (June 7th, 2022) –
As part of the 2022 Economic Development Tour, the West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce (WDM Chamber) in cooperation with the City of West Des Moines, published a premium, glossy, 88-page magazine that highlights why West Des Moines is the best American city to live, work, and play.

The magazine tells the story of West Des Moines and people with articles including “Movers & Shakers”, “Visionaries, & Innovators”, “West Des Moines From A to Z”, a special sponsored content section “Top Companies to Work for in West Des Moines”, and much more. The inside front cover also includes a captivating, illustrated map of some of the many top places to visit, shop, stay, and celebrate. The Chamber is going to be nationally advertising the magazine to help attract more talent to our City and region. Key markets that have been identified include Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Hartford, Minneapolis, and Denver.

Mayor of West Des Moines, Russ Trimble exclaimed: “I was extremely proud to be part of the release of the new 515 WEST magazine. This magazine will showcase West Des Moines, our people, our businesses, our game-changing quality of life amenities and everything that is great about our city. For those who have moved away, we miss you and there has never been a better time to come back home! Come see what you’ve been missing in the 515….WEST!”

“Attracting talent is one of the top challenges businesses are facing”, says Kara Matheson, Senior Director of Workforce Development for the West Des Moines Chamber. “515 WEST is a workforce tool businesses and families can send to connections near and far. We have so many ‘transplant’ community members from across the country and world who have fallen in love with our region as much as those who were born and raised here. This magazine will only increase the influx of talent interested in calling West Des Moines home.”

In addition to the Chamber and City team, many people were involved in helping to produce this attraction mechanism including contributing writers & editors, photographers, models, and TwoTone Creative who designed the magazine. “We could not have produced this beautiful showpiece without the support of our advertisers, our design firm, and entire community,” said Katherine Harrington, President & CEO of the WDM Chamber. “We were blown away by the support for this project and we are excited to see our area companies leverage it as a talent attraction tool and a way to show off our beautiful City and people.”

TwoTone Creative, located in West Des Moines, designed the magazine and also produced the front cover gatefold fun map. “As someone who loves living and working in West Des Moines, it was an honor to be a part of designing the first-ever 515 WEST Magazine,” said Abby Goodenow, art director with TwoTone Creative. “I’m so glad to be a part of this community, and I’ve loved creating something that highlights everything this amazing city has to offer.”

Three thousand copies were printed, and a digital edition is available online at The City and Chamber are also spotlighting the hashtag #GoWestWDM, and a new promotional City video. In addition to strategic outlets where the printed copies are distributed locally, copies are also available by request.   


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