West Bancorporation Foundation Grants Provide Funds for Hunger Relief

West Des Moines – The Board of Directors of the West Bancorporation Foundation, the charitable arm of West Bank, awarded $43,000 in grants to community organizations for the second quarter 2020. The Foundation awards grants in the areas of Human Services, Arts and Culture, and Education.


In our 2019 giving year, nearly 70% of our Foundation’s funding went to nonprofits in the human services area, including food pantries and backpack food distribution through the schools, programs for at-risk youth, and homeless outreach.


“We expect that trend to continue as unemployment and disruption caused by COVID-19 causes even more desperation for the necessities of life among affected individuals and families,” said Jill Hansen, Senior Vice President, West Bank and Executive Director of the West Bancorporation Foundation. “For example, our most recent round of grants, representing applications filed in the first quarter of 2020, all but one were awarded to human services organizations, including those offering child care, mental health services, and engagement with at-risk youth, and more than 25% of the funding ($11,000) was awarded directly to food networks. These applications reflect only the very early stages of the pandemic so we are certain more are coming.”


Please go to https://westbankstrong.com/about-us/west-bancorporation-foundation if your organization falls into one of the categories above and you would like to apply for a grant.


GRANT CYCLE DEADLINES: Applications close on January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.


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