The City of West Des Moines is pleased to announce a $3 million capital campaign, facilitated by the Great Outdoors Foundation, for the development of the Raccoon River Pedestrian Bridge. This iconic $6.8 million pedestrian bridge will connect Raccoon River Park on the north side of the river with Walnut Woods State Park, Brown’s Woods, Purple Martin Lake Water Recreation Area, and dozens of miles of future greenway trails on the south. The project will include approximately 4,700 linear feet of paved trails and a 620-foot truss bridge.

In 2016, the West Des Moines Parks and Recreation Department put forth plans for the Five Waters Project — a plan to transform parks from everyday places to places of everyday wonder. With a goal of giving residents and visitors of all ages and abilities new ways to paddle, explore, cycle, and relax in the great outdoors, the Five Waters Project includes the Jamie Hurd Amphitheater, Raccoon River Park Boathouse, Marathon Loop Trail, Raccoon River Greenway and the Raccoon River Pedestrian Bridge.

Once complete, the north end of the Raccoon River Pedestrian Bridge will be anchored by a small plaza that connects users to Raccoon River Park below. The center of the bridge will be highlighted by an artistic tree shade canopy structure and two overlooks to the east and west. The south end of the bridge is connected to Walnut Woods State Park by an elevated ramp that winds down through the trees and passes through two gateway features marking the bridge entry. A paved trail section will connect to the current soft surface trails in Walnut Woods State Park and extend along Hidden Valley Soccer Complex terminating at Walnut Woods Drive.

Those wanting to learn more about the Raccoon River Pedestrian Bridge are encouraged to attend the Raccoon River Rally on Oct. 2 at Raccoon River Park. Here, guests can enjoy activities on Blue Heron Lake, listen to live music, and learn more about the bridge. A portion of event proceeds will benefit the Raccoon River Pedestrian Bridge project.

The capital campaign is made possible by the following generous community members who are giving of their time, energy and talents as volunteers on the Raccoon River Pedestrian Bridge Campaign Advisory Council:
• Brandon Hoch
• Chris Costa
• Eric Tabor
• Forrest Ridgway
• Gene Meyer
• Hank Norem
• Jim Miller
• Katherine Harrington
• Maria Davis
• Michelle Mahoney
• Robert Palmer
• Sanjita Pradhan
• Tom Cox

For more information on the Raccoon River Pedestrian Bridge, visit