DES MOINES, IA, December 22, 2021 – Nominations for the Young Women’s Resource Center (YWRC) annual Louise Rosenfield Noun Visionary Award to honor a local leader dedicated to enhancing the lives of girls and women in our community are open now through Thursday, January 6th.

The Louise Rosenfield Noun Visionary Award honors local advocates, activists, innovators and philanthropists who’ve made significant contributions toward empowering girls and young women. This work is exemplified by the nominee’s dedication to empowerment, as well as their ability to inspire others to take action.

Nomination guidelines, instructions, and information regarding the award can be found at All nominations should be submitted in accordance with the ‘Nomination Guidelines’ to the YWRC via word document or PDF file sent to with ‘Louise Rosenfield Noun Visionary Award Nomination’ in the subject line by Thursday, January 6, 2022.

The 2022 Louise Rosenfield Noun Visionary Awardee will be honored and asked to speak as part of the 23nd Annual YWRC Gala: Growing Locally to be held on Saturday, April 9, 2022.

Previously honored Louise Noun Visionary Woman awardees include (in order of year received): Lorraine May, R. Lucia Riddle, Rebecca Shaw M.D., Wanda Everage, Sharon Malheiro, Julie McGuire, Mary Brubaker, Roxanne Conlin, Judge Artis Reis, Jo Oldson, Barbara Mack, Susan Knapp, Judy Bradshaw, Jann Freed, Mary Lynne Jones, Sandy Hatfield Clubb, Connie Boesen, Dr. Deborah Ann Turner, Deidre DeJear, Katie Patterson, and Rekha Basu.

Evaluation of nominees will include consideration of the following criteria/factors: If the nominee has made significant contributions toward empowering girls and young women; how the nominee’s contributions advance the status and welfare of girls/women with positive impact for our community; the nominee is a community member of the Greater Des Moines area; how the nominee’s characteristics, attitude, and skills relate to the mission of the YWRC; if the nominee would serve as a positive role model for the YWRC’s participants.

The legacy of Louise Rosenfield Noun is honored when the work of a nominee supports the empowerment of girls and women. In 1978, a group of visionary women, led by feminist and philanthropist Louise Rosenfield Noun, founded the YWRC.

The Young Women’s Resource Center is a non-profit organization that supports, educates and advocates for young women ages 10-24. The YWRC offers small groups and individual support focused on building self-esteem and healthy relationships, as well as understanding reproductive health. Approximately 1,000 girls and young women are served each year. Young Moms receive additional support focused on healthy pregnancy/childbirth and parenting/life skills. The YWRC meets participants where they are and assists them with discovering their abilities and pursuing their goals. Learn more at