WDM Leads - Group 3

Members of Group 3
Ray Warner
Group Captain Aureon
Megan Wetzel
Bloom Chiropractic Co
Laura Todd
Buena Vista University, Director of Strategic Parterships
Paul Burke
Business Acceleration, President
Renee Neppl
Group Vice Captain Employee & Family Resources, EAP and SAP Sales Account Executive
Jaci Robson
Hy-Vee Health Exemplar Care, PLC, Business Development Manager
Kyle Wagner
Iowa Sports Foundation, Director of Corporate Competitions
Karl Seidel
Machine Marketing, CEO
Michelle Skogerson
EOS - Michelle Skogerson, owner
Ronika Htu
New American Funding, Loan Consultant
Alexander Shcharansky
New York Life Insurance Company, Financial Advisor
Krystal Williams
Two Kays Holdings LLC, Owner
Latha Kumar
Zamorins Solutions Inc, CEO
Latha Kumar, the President of the company, has over 30 years of professional experience in both the private and public sectors. Latha has an engine...

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