WDMLA Alumni

WDMLA Alumni
Brian Abeling
2011 West Des Moines Community School District
Kelli Alexander
2019 Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa
Melissa Allen
2019 GuideOne Insurance
Erica Andersen
2009 Capital City Fruit
Troy Anderson
2016 Wolin Mechanical-Electrical Contractors
Sarah Anthofer
2020 LMC Insurance & Risk Management
Elaine Appleby
2009 InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Steven Areges
2010 West Des Moines Police Department
Sam Ayres
2013 MercyOne West Lakes
Phetlavy Baccam
2019 NCMIC
Deane Baldwin
2011 Mercy Des Moines
Michael Beals
2017 Principal Global Investors
Nate Beck
2020 McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
Jake Becker
2018 McClure Engineering Co.
Edye Beckerman
2012 UnityPoint Health
Jamie Beyer
2018 Graham Construction Company
Danny Beyer
2013 Iron Horse Wealth Management
Nicole Birkett
2019 Abbott
Eric Bohnenkamp
2019 Hubbell Realty
Blake Bonnicksen
2019 Principal Financial
Brittany Bonnicksen
2018 Iowa Communications Alliance
Eric Boyle
2016 West Des Moines Community Schools
Lori Bratrud
2016 Business Publications Corp.
Scott Brennan
2010 Dentons Davis Brown Law Firm
Casady Brittain
2012 West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce
Wade Brower
2009 Wade Brower, IP Pathways
Jason Bryan
2011 City of West Des Moines
Phillip (Phil) Bubb
2016 Fredrickson & Byron
Ben Bunge
2013 The Weitz Company
Jodi Bybee
2016 The IMT Group
Tina Carstensen
2009 INVISION Architecture
Thomas Cavanagh
2012 BCC Advisers
Claire Celsi
2015 The Public Relations Project
Ray Champlin
2020 American Equity Life Insurance Company
Ashley Charnetski
2019 Whitfield & Eddy Law
Jennifer Chittenden
2009 Downtown Chamber
Azure Christensen
2013 HCI Care Services and VNS of Iowa
John Clark
2016 DART
Cory Clemens
2014 Clemens Agency Co. - Nationwide Insurance
Dennis Cochran
2012 Care Consultants for the Aging
William Coddington
2012 Unity Point
Erika Cook
2013 West Des Moines Community Schools
Liz Cox
2012 Due North + Associates
Miche Crise
2017 Health E(fx)
Jill Curry
2018 Christ the King School
Chris Darr
2014 Consolidated Communications Services Co.
Rick Dawson
2013 DMACC West Campus
Jeff Dick
2013 McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
Olga Dobbins
2015 Bankers Trust
Sarah Dodge
2018 Kabel Business Services
Brynna Dooley
2017 LMC Insurance
Mallory Downs
2019 Delaware North at Honey Creek
Jeanne Dwyer
2010 Iowa Heart Center
Jo Eckert
2012 City of West Des Moines
Mike Eckhart
2018 ER Select
Adora Ellis
2019 American Equity Life Insurance Company
Nate Esser
2016 The Iowa Clinic
Van Everett
2018 Whitfield & Eddy Law
Dave Farnsworth
2009 McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
Ronda Feeley
2010 City of West Des Moines
Kelsey Feller
2017 Strategic America
Mayumi Fernandez
2020 Principal Financial Group
Gina Ferrone
2013 JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)
Nick Finkenauer
2014 McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
Tori Flattery
2019 Holmes Murphy & Assoc.
Joseph Fogarty
2010 Healthcare Realty
Sarah Franklin
2014 Dentons Davis Brown Law Firm
Susan Freed
2011 Davis, Brown, Koehn, Shors & Roberts, P.C.
Natalie French
2019 WDM Community Schools
Kyle Frizzell
2012 Hy-Vee
Sara Gallagher
2019 West Bank Women's Impact Network
Ben Gannon
2014 J.E. Dunn Construction
Dan Gehlbach
2013 Mathnasium of West Des Moines
Julie Gibbons
2017 Prevent Child Abuse Iowa
Melissa Gillespie
2015 West Bank Women's Impact Network
David Gisch
2016 DMACC West Campus
Tori Glade
2012 S&S Employment Partners
Samantha Gronewald
2016 Sullivan & Ward, P.C.
Trisha Gross
2013 McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
Matt Guns
2017 T&L Properties, LLC
Karen Hallagin
2009 Karen Hallagin - Individual
Greg Hansen
2015 City of West Des Moines
Luke Haverstick
2016 Carrier Access
Greg Hayes
2015 Midwest Heritage Bank
Josh Heggen
2016 West Des Moines Water Works
Jessica Henricksen
2016 Principal Financial Group
Katie Hernandez
2020 City of West Des Moines
Ngan Hoang
2020 Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa
Haley Hockensmith
2020 West Des Moines Community Schools
Troy Hodapp
2013 J.E. Dunn Construction
Kristin Hohl
2019 Carrier Access
Travis Hoover
2015 The Ron Pearson Center
Megan Howard
2019 Pratum
Michelle Huggins
2012 Shive-Hattery, Inc.
Bryan Jackson
2017 Carrier Access, Inc.
Amanda James
2017 Sullivan & Ward, P.C.
Shahna Janssen
2009 West Des Moines Community Schools
Jeff Jarding
2011 MercyOne West Lakes
Leslie Jasper
2019 Des Moines Performing Arts
Michael Jensen
2019 McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
Gerald Johnson
2009 Holmes Murphy
Amy Johnson
2012 Brown Winick Law Firm
Scott Johnson
2009 Johnson & Associates, PLC
Graham Jones
2018 West Des Moines Community Schools
Jennifer Julich
2015 DMACC West Campus
Lyndley Kent
2019 Neumann Monson Architects
David Kinsley
2017 Denny Elwell Co.
Laura Klein
2019 Aerotek
Lindsay Knoop
2010 Hy-Vee, Inc.
Kasi Koehler
2010 Bilbrey Insurance Services, Inc.
Katelyn Kostek
2017 Iowa Restaurant Association
Emily Langpaul
2013 Lutheran Church of Hope
Kyle Larson
2019 BCC Advisers
Kevin Lease
2014 Two Rivers Bank & Trust
Martha Lebron-Dykeman
2020 Berkshire Hathaway Home Services First Realty
Casey Lehman
2011 McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
Thomas Leon
2009 Thomas Leon - Benefit Design, Inc.
Jamie Letzring
2017 City of West Des Moines
Kate LeWarne
2018 RDG Planning & Design
Angela Linden
2009 Massage Heights
Allison Lindner
2016 BrownWinick Law Firm
Ellen Linkenhoker
2014 Prositions
Chewi Lockhart
2012 Val Air Ballroom
Randi Malone
2018 Diversified Management Services
Brian Mamola
2009 FBL Financial Group, Inc.
John Marshall
2018 McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
Kendra Marshall
2019 UnityPoint Health
Brittany Martinez
2015 R&R Realty Group
Joshua Maurer
2012 Cementech
Christian McGee
2019 Bank Iowa
Anne McKibben
2016 Union State Bank
Julie McKillip
2015 West Des Moines Chamber of Commerce
Mallary McKinney
2016 UnityPoint Health
Stephen McMahon
Lynn McRoberts
2010 Lynn McRoberts - Individual
Enna Mendez
Stratus Building Solutions
Elizabeth Meyer
2015 Dentons Davis Brown Law Firm
Matthew Meyer
2013 Mercy Medical Center
Jill Meyers
2011 Valley Bank and Trust
Megan Mildenberger
2018 Mercy Foundation
Justin Miller
2017 WDM Community Schools
Sara Mitchell
2014 The Ron Pearson Center
Jim Mollison
2014 West Des Moines Community Schools
Craig Montgomery
2017 Jones Lang LaSalle Brokerage Inc
Angie Monthei-Meylor
2012 Complete Wellness Chiropractic
Adam Montufar
2016 Paramount Lodging Advisors
Jenny Moore
2010 Principal® Financial Network of Central Iowa
Cheryl Moore
2016 Hubbell Realty Company
Colleen Moore
2009 LaMair-Mulock-Condon Co. (LMC)
Mike Morman
2014 Shive-Hattery, Inc.
Anne Morman
2016 Health E(fx)
Aaron Morris
2013 CAPTRUST Financial Advisors
Mike Morris
2012 GuideOne Insurance
Lindsay Moser
2016 Principal Financial Group
Ashley Mowery
2012 McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
Matthew Mull
2018 American Equity Life Insurance Company
J. Bradley Munford
2019 City of West Des Moines
Jennifer Nelson
2019 Navigate Wellbeing Solutions
Catherine Neumann
2011 RDG Planning & Design
Brian Newton
2010 McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
Ryan Newton
2017 State Savings Bank
Vu Nguyen
2011 Ulteig
Jaime Blue
2020 JLN Realty Company, LLC
Joel North
2011 Principal® Financial Network of Central Iowa
Brad Norwood
2019 R&R Realty Group
Chelsea Ochylski
2017 Make-A-Wish Iowa
Elizabeth Overton
2013 Sullivan & Ward, P.C.
Justine Peebles
2012 Unity Point
Eric Petersen
2020 City of West Des Moines
Brad Phillips
2015 Phillips Stafford Insurance Group
Denise Pierson
2009 Global Atlantic Financial Group
Brian Pittman
2016 Core Contracting Associates
Amanda Pottorff
2014 Vibrant Home Care
Chris Proskey
2019 BrownWinick Law Firm
Adam Puls
2017 Shive-Hattery, Inc.
Dominic Punelli
2014 Jones Lang LaSalle
Sandra Quesada
2018 Berkshire Hathaway Home Services First Realty
Zachary (Zack) Ray
2016 First National Bank
Wayne Reames
2015 Belin McCormick
Joseph Richardson
2011 S.P. Richards
Travis Ripperger
2010 Hy-Vee, Inc.
Alicia Roling
2011 Black Swift Group
Kelsey Russell
2020 RE/MAX Precision
Kate Sandy
2018 Hubbell Realty Company
Matt Sargent
2020 Midwest Growth Partners
Stacy Schoop
2011 Individual
Jamie Schug
2010 Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority (DART)
Brandon Schulte
2010 DCI Group
Shane Scott
2010 West Des Moines Community Schools
Chris Scott
2019 West Des Moines Police Department
Len Sheldahl
2010 Len McCord Sheldahl & Associates
Ashley Sly
2015 McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
Jenny Smith
2016 McGowen Hurst Clark Smith
Dan Solem
2009 The Weitz Company
Brad Soma
2019 IMT
Eric Spacek
2011 GuideOne Insurance
Shane Stark
2013 Carrier Access, Inc.
Jeffrey Stein
2011 Hy-Vee - Valley West
Megan Stelter
2019 Trilix
Courtney Stevens
2009 Humboldt Distillery
Michelle Swanson
2011 PAETEC - Michelle Swanson
Chrystal Tamillo
2012 Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar
Ryan Tousley
2015 Weitz Company
Kara Tragesser
2011 City of West Des Moines
Russ Trimble
2009 City of West Des Moines
Amy Varcoe
2017 UnityPoint Health
Morgan Voga Hammes
2012 Pioneer
Nick Wagner
2013 Wolin Mechanical-Electrical Contractors
Megan Wagner
2017 Palmer Group
Ryan Wahl
2017 Hy-Vee, Inc.
Steve Walker
2017 Liberty National Bank
Elaine Watkins-Miller
2012 West Des Moines Community Schools
Corey Weeklund
2014 The Members Group, Inc.
John Weiler
2011 Bravo! Cucina Italiana
Melinda West
2015 VentureThink Group LLC
Michael Williams
2017 University of Iowa Graduate Management Programs
Julie Willse
2014 Greater Iowa Credit Union
Jeff Wilson
2017 Lakeview Surgery Center
Robert Woollums
2009 Woollums CPA, P.C.
Drew Wrightsman
2014 Investment Advisors Corp.
Ellen Young
2012 Hy-Vee - Valley West
Jill Marie Young
2012 Mercy Weight Loss & Nutrition Center
Jordan Bouslog
2021 Cushman & Wakefield Iowa Commercial Advisors